How we work

We recognise that every project and client is different. We’ll work the way you want us to, but here’s the black&blue five-step process to get us thinking:  

  1. Consult

    It all starts with a conversation. We believe that good work is born of knowing what we’re trying to achieve, not what we’re trying to produce. 

  2. Strategy

    Every project we work on is part of a bigger picture. We define what success looks like and our part in it, way before we start.

  3. Unite

    As soon as we understand what we’re trying to achieve, we assemble the most relevant and specialised team for your project. 

  4. Deliver

    Your black&blue project team will deliver ideas, completed creative and follow-up programmes for specific or multi-channel communications.

  5. Review

    Our focus on review and measurement is another thing that sets us apart. We’ll evolve alongside you and monitor progress for the life of the project.